Mississippi Global

Property Development & Investment

Who We Are

Mississippi Global is a leading Malaysia Property Investment Company and a multi-business firm located in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to the incorporation of Mississippi Global, an associate company has been present in Malaysia for more than a decade in the Wholesale business for beauty, wellness, food and beverage categories.

Combining deep expertise with an unrivalled track record, the business has grown to become one of the most forward thinking, progressive and reputable property investment and development companies in Malaysia Specializing in both the commercial and residential development sectors Mississippi own and manage our developments from end to end, ensuring high standards and world class quality at every stage.

Established in 2010, Mississippi has gone from strength to strength and now operates across the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors, constantly developing property with dedicated property and construction professionals.

Our offices located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our key market and customers from global destinations such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai and Europe, bringing our award-winning customer focus and first-class property developments to both domestic and international audiences.


Real Estates

We buy, build and invest in a variety of assets including hotel, commercial, retail and residential real estate. Mississippi Global prioritizes developing locally in Malaysia before other regional projects.


In a true enterprising spirit seeking investment with compelling rates of return, we can invest in opportunities across geographies, industries, capital structures and company sizes.

Trading & Distributor

Capable in the trading of beauty and wellness products, and will not cease to grow the existing business as well as consider further branching out to different product categories.

Mississippi Global is a property development and investment management company focused on the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors of the central Malaysia market.

Mississippi Global is a Leader in the Malaysia and South East Asia market in wholesale business for beauty, wellness, food and beverage categories. 

We are also a distributor for skin care range of products and brands worldwide.

We are a full-service event management agency proudly based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that focuses on corporate events and functions.

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